Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cotton Ball Cloud Painting

I think Neevah has misplaced her ears! It has been one of those days and I really needed to keep her occupied for 10 minutes just so I could pull myself together. After a quick google search I found this great idea on Blissfully Domestic for painting clouds with cotton balls so simple and we had everything we needed to start straight away perfect!

You will need
Cotton Balls
White Paint
Blue Paper

To Make
1 .Set up the paper (you may want a few sheets) and paint at the table
2 .Pinch the pegs onto the cotton balls - 1 or 2 cotton balls per peg
3 .Let the kids full the sky (blue paper) with clouds

Long strokes made great whispy clouds

Dabbing was fun and made some great fluffy looking clouds
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