Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cows with Fingerprint Spots

It has been a busy few days here but we finally managed a little bit of crafting today and it turned out so cute. The idea was for Neevah to give the cows finger print spots but she was having so much fun that the cows both got big black splotches as well as little spots I guess this is why it turned out so cute as no two cows would be alike.

You Will Need
White Paper
Black Paint
Green Paper
Blue Paper
Cotton Balls

To Make
1 .Draw or Print out a few cow pictures - Googling Cow Colouring Pages gives you a few different ones to pick from
2 .Give the cows some black fingerprint spots
3 .Let dry
4 .Stick together the green and blue paper
5 .Glue on the cows - Neevah tells me they love green grass
6 .Stretch out the cotton balls and glue them on the sky as clouds
If your child wanted to continue on with the project they could also add a tree, a fence or even a barn. Inspiration for this craft can be found here .


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