Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jelly Swamp Monster

My kids really like monsters not just at Halloween but all year round. This is a simple idea for making a monster treat not very healthy but lots of fun.

You will need:
Packet of Jelly
Choc Chips
Pink Icing - optional

To Make
1 .Mix up jelly as per packet instructions
2 .Put in the fridge to set
3 .Make the eyes by adding a Choc Chip to the top of each Marshmallow - if you have choc chips with a bit of a spike on top you can just push the spiky end into the marshmallow but if you have smooth choc chips like I did you may need a small blob of icing to hold the choc chip and marshmallow together
4 .Once the jelly is partially set push in the marshmallow eyes
5 .Return the jelly to the fridge to finish setting
6 .Serve up the monster jelly making sure everyone gets an eye

Digging In

This Monster is Yummy

Another idea would be to make them in single servings either in small glasses or in baby food jars
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