Monday, October 18, 2010

Muddy Tractor Painting

Muddy tractor painting is messy, very very messy but Liam had so much fun. I would recommend play clothes or painting smocks for this idea, covering the workspace with newspaper (not only will the newspaper protect the table they can paint on it once finished with their paper) and having a bucket of water handy for washing the tractor.

You Will Need
Brown Paint
Shaving Foam
Paper Plate
Green Paper
Toy Tractor

To Make
1 .Make the mud paint by mixing the brown paint and shaving foam
2 .Put the mud paint onto the paper plate so it is easy to get the paint onto the tractor wheels
3 .Have fun painting

Pushing the tractor back and forth

Exploring the mud paint with his finger

Messy work! (paint all up his sleeve)

A section of the finished painting

4 .Clean the tractor - Liam had just as much fun cleaning his tractor as he did painting


Becky said...

Oh wow, I thought that was actually mud! Awesome. I've wanted tractors for the girls to play with but James just doesn't get it, so now that there's a boy on the way he's thinking about it. We'll be visiting this page again once we have some!

Caz said...

That looks so fun! We've done painting with car wheels in paint before, but the shaving foam adds a whole new dimension, it really looks mud! Bet it had a great texture too. Thanks for sharing, my girls will enjoy this :-)

Philippa said...

thanks for the comments :)

Becky - I have just added tractors to the christmas list as I couldn't find any in our toy boxes ... I ended up using a snow plough with the plough piece taken off for the tractor.

Caz - the mud paint feels great! He ended up with it all over his clothes, hands and face but I guess that is all part of the fun :)

Jackie H. said...

Wow. My boys have SO much John Deere stuff! I think we'll need to do some tractor painting! That looks fun and very messy. Something boys love!

Philippa said...

Jackie - I hope they have fun :)

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