Friday, October 1, 2010

Splatter Painting Cats

This is messy! not just a little bit messy, it is really really messy the kind of craft you do outside in old clothes or art smock but it is so much fun. Neevah loved splatting the paint she giggled and smiled the whole time and because she was having so much fun I had to have a turn as well.

What you need:
Black Paper
Orange Paint
Large Paint Brush
White Crayon

To Make
1 .On the black paper draw some cat shapes (I used the white crayon for this) and then cut them out
2 .Put the cats into the bottom of the box (this will contain a little bit of the splatter)
3 .Once everything is setup outside load up the paintbrush with paint and splatter it onto the black cats - we found tapping the paintbrush on the side of the box worked well
4 .Take out of the box and let dry
5 .Display - I would love the kids to paint a few more of these cats and try and make some Halloween Bunting from them
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