Monday, October 18, 2010

W is for Wings

Neevah loves fairies especially Tinkerbell and her friends, she spends alot of time playing with her Tinkerbell dolls who like to give her other toys flying lessons. With Neevah's love of Fairies in mind today we made W is for Wings .... fairy wings of course but you could easily adapt this for bird wings or even aeroplane wings.

You will need
Coloured Paper x 2 (in different colours)
White Paper
Sequins or Glitter
Dot Marker
Marker Pen

To Make
1 .Draw a W (upper or lower case) on one piece of coloured paper - Neevah picked red paper as she really likes Rosetta from the Tinkerbell movies
2 .Glue sequins on the W or you could use glitter
3 .Cut out 2 wing shapes from the white paper
4 .Use the dot marker to decorate the wings
5 .Cut out the W and glue it onto the remaining piece of coloured paper6 .Glue on the wings

You can find another great W is for wings at No Time for Flashcards
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