Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We Play - Cloud Races

Don't forget to stop by Childhood 101 We Play where you can find lots of other great play ideas....

We     Play

Yesterday we had lots of fun outside watching the wind at work blowing the streamers on our Wind Wands so I thought it would be great to continue the theme with another fun wind activity. Today we pretended to be the wind by blowing clouds (cotton balls) across the sky (blue paper).

Big Breath and Blow

Blowing the cloud all the way across the sky
Neevah found this quite easy so I lengthened the sky and also added start/finish lines

Ready Set Go!
Race those Clouds

Neevah found racing the clouds the most fun. It was funny when we blew our clouds off the side of the paper, super funny when our clouds crossed paths and best of all we both cheered when someone made it across the finish line.


Kelly said...

I just love that all your ideas are just so simple and easy to do yet so fun!!

Philippa, Neevah and Liam said...

Thank you Kelly :)

Caz said...

How fun! We are learning about weather at the moment, this game is definitely going on our to do list :-)

Philippa, Neevah and Liam said...

Thanks Caz I hope your little ones enjoy it

amandab said...

How fun! And it takes a lot of control to be able to move them the right way (and not get spittle all over the page!)

Philippa, Neevah and Liam said...

it was fun and thankfully only a little bit of spittle :)

Marita said...

Of fun :) I could see that being a great party game too :)

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

What great fun. I love your ideas.

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