Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Crafts: Handprint Mitten

Our very first Christmas Craft of the season .... although a mitten isn't the first thing I think of for an Australian Christmas this handprint craft turns out so cute and to me it just screams Santa. You could hang the handprint mitten on your Christmas Tree or it would make a great Gift Tag for grandparents and other cherished members of the family.

You will need
Red Card
White Paint
White Paper
Marker Pen

To Make
1 .Paint your childs hand white or if old enough they may enjoy doing this part themselves
2 .Press your childs hand on to the red card
3 .Let Dry
4 .With a pencil draw a mitten shape around the handprint
5 .Cut out the mitten shape
6 .From the white paper cut out a cuff for the mitten
7 .Glue the cuff onto the mitten
8 .Make a hole in the top of the mitten and thread through the ribbon and tightly tie
9 .On the back write your childs name and age/date
10 .Hang it on your Christmas Tree or Attach it to a present

If you are using the handprint mitten as an ornament on your Christmas Tree you may like to laminate it or you could try clear contact either option should make it more robust and likely to last many more Christmases to come.

Inspiration for this craft can be found here

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