Monday, November 1, 2010

N is for Numbers

I have been struggling a little in the past few weeks to find a new family balance with the changing needs of the kids especially Liam who wants to sleep less and is being more assertive towards his sister. Like most Mums I have endless lists of things we would like get to done in a day and sometimes we just have to let some things slide and over the past week or two the blog has been sadly neglected. I just want to say a huge thank you to all our readers / followers for sticking around through the infrequent posts it means the world to me. Now down to business while going through our Archives I noticed we have never made a N so today that is just what we did.

You will need
White Paper
Coloured Paper - 1 full sheet and a few scraps
Marker Pen
Dot Marker

To Make
1 .Cut the scraps of coloured paper into small squares and write numbers on them - I let Neevah pick the numbers she wanted
2 .Draw a large N on the white paper
3 .Let your child decorate the N with the dot marker
4 .Cut out the N
5 .Glue the N onto the full sheet of coloured paper
6 .Glue the numbers on to the N
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