Sunday, November 7, 2010

Number Matching Game

This is a quick little game that Neevah rather enjoyed and has played a few times today. We used fairy stickers for our game but it could easily be made to match most themes just by changing the stickers you use. The idea is to count the stickers on the card and then match it with the right peg we are working on the numbers 1 - 6 at the moment but you could easily use larger numbers.

You will need
Thin Card
Marker Pen

To Make
1 .Cut up the card into 6 pieces the same size (of course you can make more if you like) - we used some large tags we had been given
2 .Stick the stickers onto the pieces of card
3 .On the back of the card write the number of cards on the front so they can check to see if they got the right answer - this step is optional and I didn't do this as I watched as Neevah played and asked her to try again if she picked the wrong peg
3 .Label the pegs
4 .Time to play

Counting the stickers

Placing on the peg


Becky said...

Brilliant! I have been thinking about a number game to make up before going to hospital for the girls to play. This is great. Maybe a bit old for Kahlei but I might give it a go for Ellie :)

Jackie H. said...

My son has a new puzzle with numbers and dots that he is supposed to match. He's kind of frustrated by it, though, because he doesn't understand all the dots and numbers. SO, I think I'll make some of these for him for practice. That way I can just introduce a few at a time. Great idea!!

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