Thursday, November 4, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Okay, there are 4 rules for this one:

Rule 1: Thank the person who gave you your award.

A huge thank you goes to Homeage & Miller Moments for giving us the Versatile Blogger Award and sorry Amanda that it has taken me so long to get this post up!

Rule 2: Share seven things about yourself (OMG seven things! I'm really not that interesting!)

1. I am not a Domestic Goddess, creative yes but cooking and cleaning is not my thing our house is often messy and I dread people dropping in unexpected

2.I am addicted to facebook and spend way to much time there! I love the Teach Preschool fan page she shares lots of great preschool crafts and ideas

3.I love a good bargain (I know who doesn't)

4.I have a University Degree that I never plan on using

5.Christmas is my favourite time of year, I love all the planning and crafting involved and it looks like Neevah is following in my footsteps with her love of Christmas

6. Our kitchen table has quite a few little paint splatters and marker pen marks all over it but that probably isn't a surprise

7. I don't like hot drinks! No Coffee, No Tea but on the very odd occasion I will drink Hot Chocolate

Rule 3: Pass the award on to 12 bloggers you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic.

A Peek Over the Fence

A Little Learning for Two

A Bunch of Keys

Adventures with Kids

Time for Play

Planning with Kids

Ok epic fail I only got to 6!

Rule 4:Contact the bloggers you picked and let them know about the award.

Fingers crossed I did this right even though I fell short on my blog list :)


Miller Moments said...

I love the Teach Preschool fan page too. I spend way too much time on there but gain so many fabulous blogs and ideas.

Becky said...

Thank you for this award, I am so touched!
I have not visited the Teach Preschool fan page, will have to have a look!

CatWay said...

Thanks so much for the award. I enjoy visiting your blog too, you always have such clever ideas.

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