Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Crafts: Angel Christmas Cards

We have made few special Christmas Cards to hand out this year for Grandparents and the like. I have left it rather late this year to make Christmas Cards but these Angels are quick and easy for kids to make.

You will need:
Paper Doily
Pink Paper
Marker Pen Black & Red
Coloured Card
Tinsel pipe cleaner

To Make:
1 .Fold the coloured card in half to make a greeting card
2 .Cut the paper doily into quarters one quarter will be the angel dress then cut another quarter in half these will be the angel wings
3 .Cut a circle from the pink paper for the angels face
4 .Draw hair and eyes on the angels face using the black marker
5 .Draw a smile on the angels face using the red marker
6 .Glue the angels dress onto the card
7 .Glue the wings onto the card
8 .Glue the face onto the card
9 .Glue a small piece of tinsel pipe cleaner in the angels hair for a halo
10 .Write in the card


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