Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Crafts: Mini Wreaths

These Mini Wreaths are cute and easy to make although not suitable for young children I think older children could easily make them with some adult supervision or make them yourself.

You will need:
Plastic Ring off a milk bottle / water bottle or similar
Tinsel Pipe Cleaners in 2 different colours
Hot Glue
Thin Ribbon
Christmas Embellishment

To Make:
1 .Tie a loop of ribbon onto the plastic ring make sure it is knotted tightly and trim the excess ribbon so only leaving a short tail
2 .With a spot of hot glue glue the ribbon knot and tail to the inside of the plastic ring
3 .Wrap the first pipe cleaner tightly around the ring next to the ribbon loop
4 .Wrap the pipe cleaner round and round the ring leaving a small gap between each turn
5 .Wrap the other colour pipe cleaner around the ring filling in the gaps
6 .Hot glue a Christmas embellishment to the bottom of the wreath
7 .Hang them on the tree or give them to friends

Tip :make sure all the wire ends of the pipe cleaner are nicely tucked away on the inside of the wreath

Thanks Kym for sending us one of these cute Mini Christmas Wreaths a few years ago I really like it and had to make some more.


Kristi@Creative Connections for Kids said...

That is is such a simple and easy idea.
Thanks for sharing it!

Philippa said...

Im pleased you like it Kristi :)

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