Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Neevah's Top 10 Activities from 2010

I can not believe in a few weeks time we will have been blogging for One Year! and what a year it has been. So with a little bit of help Neevah has put together her own Top 10 list of activities she loved from 2010.

Number 10 .....
Spice Pictures
This activity was lots of fun and ever so simple to setup. It incorporates many of the senses and is a great way to clean out your spice rack of any out of date spices.

Number 9 ..... Magic Colour Drinks
This idea would be great for a party, playdate or just for fun and of course it is a great to learn about colours and colour mixing.

Number 8 ..... Tractor Painting

I originally tried this idea with Liam but after Neevah saw the photos she had to try it as well ..... lots of messy messy fun!

Number 7 ..... Colour Fishing

Neevah loved fishing for colourful fish in her washing basket boat it was such a fun way to learn different colours.

Number 6 ...... Making Gifts
Neevah is always so proud of the things she makes and she enjoys creating special gifts for her family and friends. Here are two of her favourite gifts she gave this year ....

Handprint Keepsake .... which was a gift for Daddy

Framed Elephant Picture .... a Christmas gift for Nanna

Number 5 ..... Humpty Dumpty

Neevah enjoyed acting out the Humpty Dumpty Nursery Rhyme using a finger puppet and toys but she absolutely loved pushing an egg (Humpty Dumpty) off the wall she still talks about it 6 months later and asks for eggs so she can play Humpty Dumpty outside.

Number 4 ..... Spider Hat

We had so much fun with the spider hat although it did not last that long it was well loved. Neevah enjoyed putting it on and creeping through the garden and hiding behind plants she thought it was a great joke to be a scary spider.

Number 3 ..... We're Going on a Bear Hunt
If you are looking for a fun activity to do with preschoolers make sure this is near the top of the list. Bringing the book to life was so much fun for both Neevah and I that we went on at least 5 bear hunts that day.

Number 2 ..... Playdough
Both my kids adore playdough so it wasn't to much of a surprise when Neevah wanted to include a few playdough ideas in her list ..... after much discussion we narrowed it down to her favourite two .....

Playdough Garden .... this was such a hit with Neevah that she has recreated this idea at least 3 times since the original blog post

Playdough Dinosaur Eggs ..... both Neevah and Liam loved finding the dinosaur toys inside the playdough eggs and almost a year later they still recreate this idea with various small animal toys
Coming in at Number 1 .... Doing the Dinosaur Stomp

These Dinosaur feet were loved to bits literally they wore them so many times that they fell apart and I had to sneak them into the recycling bin. This is a must try activity for any little Dino lover I promise they will love doing the Dino Stomp.

And there you have it Neevah's Top 10 Activities from 2010! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our wonderful readers for visiting our blog over the past year and we hope to see you back again in 2011 for more fun and crafty activities


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