Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mini Marshmallow Mountains

This activity is all about fine motor skills, having fun, creating a little bit of mess and best of all you can eat your creation. Neevah really enjoyed this activity she was right into stabbing the marshmallows, dipping them and stacking them as best she could while Liam did some stabbing, some dipping, no stacking and lots of eating!

You will need:
Mini Marshmallows
Chocolate Icing
2 Containers & a Plate

This activity is pretty simple but i will briefly run through what we did
1 .Mix up some Chocolate Icing
2 .Put the marshmallows and icing into containers and put them on the table along with the plate
3 .Provide toothpicks to stab the marshmallows
4 .Then dip them into the icing
5 .Stack up the marshmallows as high as you can on the plate
Neevahs first attempt at mountain building yesterday. Her second attempt is at the top of the page and she managed to stack them a bit higher today.

Liam doing a spot of icing finger painting

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Water Prints

So simple but my kids honestly love standing in water and then leaving their water foot prints on the pavers I provide them with a shallow container of water that they can get both feet into and they are entertained for 30 minutes if not more. Neevah has just started noticing the differences between between the prints such as different foot sizes and that the prints look different when she walks, runs or jumps she also loves it when the dog leaves paw prints. This has now graduated to other water prints such as putting balls in water sometimes they roll the balls and sometimes they bounce the balls the kids always love to see what print has been left behind. If the paddling pool has water in it Liam also enjoys putting his ride on car into the water and then riding to across the pavers leaving trails. There are so many other items that could leave water prints you could try toy cars, dolls & sponges just to think of a few and do you know what I like the most there is no clean up when they have finished playing we simply tip the container of water onto the garden and off they go to play with something else.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Its about the Process not the Outcome

I found this moon craft on the No Time for Flash cards Blog both of my kids love spotting the moon so i thought this would be the perfect craft for Neevah. Well our moon didn't turn out possibly because the shaving cream we had was a gel or maybe because i used cardboard which may have soaked in the 'paint' as it dried but really it doesnt matter Neevah had so much fun and after we had cleaned up she told me it was awesome and can we try it again! So go ahead and try it doesn't matter if the end result is far from perfect your kids will have so much fun with the proccess I'm sure the end result will not matter at all. I followed the recipe on the No Time for Flashcards Blog but it made way to much again this is possibly because we used a gel shaving cream so if you are doing this craft with just one child you may like to try halfing the mix or for a sensory activity just leave out the glue.

So here are a few photos of Neevah having heaps of fun! Sorry no Photo of our moon as there is nothing to show except a cardboard circle with a few lines of puff paint.

Adding the Glue

Mixing the 'paint'

Look at my hands Mum!

Handprints on the House

Having Fun!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Little bit of Cuteness

Just sharing a little bit of cuteness today ... My beautiful girl watching the world go by

Monday, February 22, 2010

M is for Mouse

Neevah was excited to make a mouse today after a big day out playing with friends and a late nap we kept this craft pretty simple so it squeezed in before dinner. Neevahs interest in mice was sparked mostly from Playschool (TV program here in Australia) where they have a mouse running around a clock to get away from the cat and the Hickory Dickory Dock rhyme. I would also like to point out that my M isn't perfect but as long as it is recognizable as the letter it is all good.

You will need
2 pieces of paper (different colours)
2 wiggly eyes
2 pipe cleaners cute in half
scrap paper (to cut ears and nose from)
marker pens / paint

To Make
1 .Cut out the ear and nose shapes
2 .Draw the letter M and let your child decorate it. Neevah choose a brown marker for her mouse and a minimalist approach to the decoration.
3 .Glue on eyes, ears and nose
4 .Cut out your letter M and glue it onto the left over piece of paper
5 .Glue on pipe cleaners for whiskers and let it dry

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snail in the Garden

Well this is not the most exciting craft but I really wanted to share it as this is the first time Neevah has ever described what she has drawn. This is how she explained it ... the snail is in the garden (the light blue circle is the garden) with a plant (the light blue in front of the snail) and red flowers (all the red bits are the flowers).

You Will Need
A Piece of Paper
Marker Pens
Decorations for the shell - we used small mirror tiles as that is what I had in the craft box

To Make
1 . Draw a snail on a piece of paper
2 . Let your child draw where the snail lives
3 . Glue decorations to the snail shell

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Few of our Favourite Things

So simple but so entertaining bubble mix can keep my kids occupied for sometime and I love watching Neevah blow bubbles for Liam to chase.

Giraffes Can't Dance - by Giles Andreae
We borrowed this book from the Library and it is brilliant I have added it to my wishlist of books to buy for our family. I really enjoyed reading it, the kids enjoyed the story and it has a beautiful message... We all can do things which others don't expect us to... all we need is a little encouragement.

Visting the Park

It doesn't matter which park or playground both of the kids just adore going, they love swinging and sliding and expending pent up energy. Neevah oftens spots parks out the car window and asks if we can stop for a swing. I also enjoy taking them to the park as they will normally have a great sleep after all that running, sliding, swinging and climbing.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Super Slimy Playtime

Yesterdays craft was a bit of a flop so much so that i didn't share it so today i planned to keep it simple and it was a great success. Neevah had alot of fun playing with the slime she giggled while picking it up, she giggled while it slid off her fingers and she giggled even harder as she dribbled it all over my arms. The Slime was super easy to make and child friendly while this is a slightly messy activity the clean up was very easy.

To Make
Add 1/2 cup of water and 2 cups of Cornstarch or if you are in Australia it is called Cornflour to a large bowl and mix then add food colouring and stir.
If it is to wet add more cornflour or if it is to dry add more water
It is the right consistency if it feels hard when you hit it with a fork and also drips off the fork

I would suggest taking this activity outside or putting down something that is washable/wipeable for them to play on and also wearing play clothes just incase. To clean up we washed everything under the outside tap it came off our hands etc very easily.
Neevah Giggling at the funny feeling slime

Neevah watching the slime drip off her fingers

A Fist of Slime

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Scarecrow Friend

This craft was inspired by the Dingle Dangle Scarecrow Song Neevah loves dancing to the Scarecrow song and she finds the idea of a flippy floppy hat pretty funny. I thought how cute would it be if she had a Scarecrow dance partner. Online I found a cool paper bag scarecrow and used this to base the design of our scarecrow but we added a stick for easy holding/dancing.

You will need
Paper Bag
Marker Pen
2 different coloured pieces of card
Pipe Cleaner
String or Wool
Stick or Dowel

To Make
1 .Cut out a Hat shape, Nose shape & strips for the hair from the coloured card
2 .Let your child decorate the hat with maker pens
3 .Glue hair onto the paper bag
4 .Glue on the eyes and nose
5 .Draw a smile
6 .Glue on the hat
7 .Let it dry

Sorry i dont have any photos the rest of the instructions hopefully it is pretty straight forward

8 .Stuff with scrunched up newspaper do not over stuff or it will be hard to tie
9 .Put the stick into the stuffed paper bag and then tie with a pipe cleaner i found this was the easiest way to get the bag tight around the stick
9 .Tie a piece of String or Wool into a bow to hide the pipe cleaner (this is optional)
10 .Put some glue onto the stick just below where it is tied and press the ends of the paper bag onto the glue this will stop the scarecrow from spinning on the stick

Neevah sharing some Love with her new Scarecrow Friend

Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

When all the cows were sleeping
And the sun had gone to bed
Up jumped the scarecrow
And this is what he said:

I'm a dingle dangle scarecrow
With a flippy floppy hat!
I can shake my arms like this,
I can shake my legs like that!

When all the cows were in the meadow
And the pigeons in the loft,
Up jumped the scarecrow
And whispered very soft:

I'm a dingle dangle scarecrow
With a flippy floppy hat!
I can shake my arms like this,
I can shake my legs like that!

When all the hens were roosting
And the moon behind a cloud,
Up jumped the scarecrow
And shouted very loud:

I'm a dingle dangle scarecrow
With a flippy floppy hat!
I can shake my arms like this,
I can shake my legs like that!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Little bit of Cuteness

Just sharing a little bit of cuteness today ... scooter riding Liam style

Monday, February 15, 2010

S is for Star, Swing, Slide & Stairs

The weather here today is beautiful not to hot and a lovely cool breeze which makes a welcome change from the scorchers we have been having were you feel like you are frying if you venture outside between 9am - 6pm. This mornings request was a trip to the park which is around the corner from our house this was brilliant as it fitted in nicely with this weeks Letter S we had lots of fun swinging, sliding and climbing the stairs. Neevah really got into all the S words at the park and was sitting at the top of the slide yelling S S S Slide and then would push herself down. For our craft today Neevah picked S is for Stars which i think might be her favourite shape as she likes to pick them out everywhere we go.

You will need
2 pieces of paper
Marker Pens
Star Stickers
Scrap paper (to cut some bigger stars from)

To Make
1 .Draw an S onto 1 piece of paper and let your child colour it with maker pens
2 .While they are colouring cut out a few larger stars from scrap paper
3 .Stick the star stickers onto your S
4 .Cut out your letter S and glue it onto the remaining piece of paper
5 . Glue on the larger stars
Another great S is for star can be found on the No Time For Flashcards Blog

Also i will share a few photos from the park today as it fits so nicely with our S theme

Liam Swinging

Neevah Sliding

Neevah Climbing the Stairs

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day Monster Hunt

Today we went hunting love monsters in the garden they where hiding in all sorts of places some peeked out from the trees, some hid behind the shed,we even found a cheeky pair hiding at the top of the slide! Neevah had lots of fun gathering up the monsters and putting them in her basket unfortunately Liam didn't join us for the hunt as he needed an early nap.

Neevah finding her first monster

Another Monster

Neevah checking out her finds

Neevah putting a monster carefully into her basket

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Requested Fairy

As soon as i mentioned last Sunday that F was for fairy Neevah was sold she really wanted this weeks letter to be F and i have spent the week trying to work out how to make a fairy! The fairy that eventuated today is far from the original plan that i had but Neevah is happy and in my eyes that is what counts.

You will need
2 pieces of paper
1 patty pan/cupcake case
Paint or Markers
1 pipe cleaner
2 paper doilies

To Make
1 .Set your child up with paints or marker pens and a piece of paper and let them decorate what will become the fairy's dress
2 .Cut half the frill off a cup cake case and get your child to draw a face on it then cut the remaining frill to make hair
3 .Cut on paper doily in half and put these aside and cut the other paper doily into quarters (you will need 2 quarters to make the wings)
4 .Cut out a dress shape from the paper your child decorated
5 .Glue the 2 half doilies onto the paper to form wings
6.Glue on the dress and the head
7 .Glue on the quarter pieces of doily one to each side so it completes the wings
8.Cut the pipe cleaner in half and then insert under the edge of the dress to form arms
Neevah with her Fairy that she named Sunshine

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