Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We Play - Potato Masher Art

If you have a spare Potato Masher (I don't think I would use your good one but ours did wash up fine after it was used) your child can create this fun piece of art. Liam is not known for sitting at the table and painting but this was right up his alley he loved the 'bang' as he stamped the masher onto the paper.

Dip the Masher into the paint
I used a deep container to contain any paint splatter but there wasn't nearly as much mess as I anticipated

Stamp the Masher down on the paper
Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
Liam made 3 new pieces of Art

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We Play


rachelle @ tinkerlab.com said...

It makes such a beautiful pattern! I bet it would be fun to have an assortment of potato mashers to create different textures.

Philippa said...

Great idea Rachelle collecting a few different types of potato mashers would be excellent for this activity

Grandma said...

Well done Liam.

Becky said...

Fun! What a great idea!

CatWay said...

They make a great pattern. They look like trilobites or strange insects.

Tricia at Mom is the Only Girl said...

Now that I've seen this post I remember seeing a blog post about painting with kitchen utensils just a little while ago and thought what a great idea, but then I set the thought aside! Thanks for the reminder - it would be perfect for Sweet Pea!

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

What an interesting print your masher makes :)

Thanks for linking up to We Play x

Anonymous said...

For some reason the print that your potato masher made reminds me of a ribcage and backbone. That might be fun when learning about skeletons.

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