Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hot Cross Bun Nests + Giveaway!

Hot Cross Buns, Chocolate and Chickens are just some of the fun aspects of Easter so why not combine them together and make this fun Easter snack

You will need
Hot Cross Buns
Flake Chocolate Bar
Small Chocolate Eggs
Fluffy Chicken

To Make
1. Break up the flake chocolate into chunky pieces
2. Cut the hot cross bun in half - we used the top half to make our nests but I am sure the bottom half will work just as well
3. Hollow out a small part in the center of the hot cross bun
4. Butter around the edge (this will help the flake 'stick' to the bun)
5. Place the pieces of flake onto the hot cross bun to form a nest
6. Place the eggs into the nest
7. Place the chicken into the nest
8. Time to eat!

A huge thank you to Bakers Delight for supplying the hot cross buns for this fun snack. We used their Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns but their Traditional ones are just as yummy and would be great for these nests.

Giveaway Now Closed

Bakers Delight has also given me 5 x $5 vouchers to giveaway to some very Lucky Australian Readers! (only 1 voucher per reader)

To Enter
Leave us comment on this post telling us How you like to eat your Hot Cross Buns! I like mine warm with lots of butter yum yum

Entries must be in before Midnight on Saturday 16th of April 2011
Winners will chosen at random ( and will be announced on Sunday 17th of April 2011.

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Shannon Artz said...

I cut mine in half and toast them and then spread with lots of butter - nomnomnom. I'm surprised I don't turn in to a hot cross bun at this time of year - love them! (+) (+) (+)

fruity said...

toasted with olive oil spread and vegemite with a nice hot cuppa

Becky said...

I microwave mine for 30 seconds and then slather with margarine. Mmm mmm.
Love the nest idea, we'll have to try that!

Erin Posik said...

we love the choc chip heated with the choc chips melted is the best way!

Cheryl said...

The mocha are my fave and I like them fresh from the bakery, they don't even need butter!

Amanda Elmer said...

Hmmmm....cut in half. Toasted. Smeared with butter and a touch of apricot jam :)

Rebecca said...

usually cut in half and toasted under the grill and buttered, but sometimes for a special treat I put a knife hole in the side, insert a piece of chocolate then warm in the oven until the chocolate melts.. so yummy :)

Danielle Crowhurst said...

Oven hot - hand riped apart - with a little (or alot) butter

Chrissy said...

We bake our own here and I love mine best straight from the oven, steaming hot and dripping with lots of butter, yum yum

Gillian said...

Delightfully delicious,i like mine warm with a drizzle of honey.Mmmm tomorrow I shall have them in my tummy :)

Matthew said...

Mine will be warm with a tad of my Granma's homemade plum jam.Delectably divine,I can never stop at one.

LUKE said...

Tenderly warm with butter and a little jam.
I want one now,I shall dream of them tonight :)

Anonymous said...

just cream cheese & I'm happy

lisab13 said...

Hot and toasted with melted butter served with a hot chocolate and fluffy marshmellows.

Jodie said...

Cut in half, lightly toasted, with a smear of butter and honey. Mmmmm

Katrina McNamara said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Leah Solohub said...

I love to heat the choc chip bun in the oven, when they're nice and toasty cut them in half and top with a ball of yummy vanilla ICE-CREAM!!! Sometimes if im feeling extra naughty, I drizzle ice magic over the top....

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