Friday, April 29, 2011

No More Lost Puzzle Pieces

Neevah loves puzzles but Neevah does not like putting them away! We have a puzzle draw which was always a big jumbled mess of childrens board puzzles and 'Mum find my puzzle piece please' 'Mum I can't do this puzzle the piece is missing' etc were commonly heard when Neevah pulled out a puzzle to do.
In a bid to end this puzzle madness we have introduced a new system .... each puzzle has its own mesh laundry bag not only does this keep all the puzzle pieces together you can also easily see which puzzle is stored inside

So now after the puzzle is done

she slides it back into the mesh bag

zips up the bag

and the puzzle is all safely kept together for next time

No More Lost Puzzle Pieces!
(fingers and toes crossed)

Again I can't take credit for this idea I saw it on a blog possibly a year ago now but can not find the post again to link it up! So if you know where this idea came from please let me know :)


LatteJunkie said...

we use ziplock bag :) not lost a piece in 2 years :)

Nate, Carrie, Malachi, Zephan Chance said...

I love it... I need to try to find some of these as I have a box of misc puzzle pieces that are waiting for a day when someone can put them all back in their proper frames... there's probably 10 puzzles worth.

Philippa said...

I found the laundry bags at the supermarket hope that helps :)

hannah bananna said...

Incredible isnt it! Such a simple solution to a problem I am sure alot of us parents get frustrated by. Tomorrow I am buying laundry bags.. and new puzzles, (someone chucked a tantrum and through them all out :(
Great Blog!
Found you through Christine at Jelly Bean Books

Pryncss Briana said...

When they get older(like my 8yr old) you can try using the plastic see-thru pencil boxes that are always on sale this time of year. The different sizes will hold your 250/500/1000pc puzzles. Then we cut the picture off the box and number both the box and the picture so we know which goes with which. Has saved so much time trying to keep up with soooo many pieces. :)

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