Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pipe Cleaner Sculpture

Liam doesn't like to sit and do for very long (unless it is super messy or involves water) so activities he can complete quickly but have the option of repetition seem to be a winner for him. This pipe cleaner sculpture can be completed 5 mins or you can make a sculpture pull it apart and start all over again or you could spend a little longer twisting and curling the pipe cleaners .

You will need
Pipe Cleaners
Meat Tray
Scissors or Skewer

To Make
1. Turn a meat tray upside down
2. Make small holes randomly in the meat tray - If Neevah was making this I would let her make her own holes using a bamboo skewer (with supervision of course)
3 .Push the pipe cleaners into the holes anyway you like

Pushing the pipe cleaners into the tray

Bending the pipe cleaner over so both ends are in a hole

Look Mum! I am getting good at this
pushing the pipe cleaner in using just one hand


Becky said...

Love his look of concentration. Brilliant idea (again, like always)

Philippa said...

Thanks Becky :)

francifularts said...

I followed a link from Teach Preschool to your blog. I really love this idea, and look forward to using it this coming school year with my students!

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