Friday, April 29, 2011

No More Lost Puzzle Pieces

Neevah loves puzzles but Neevah does not like putting them away! We have a puzzle draw which was always a big jumbled mess of childrens board puzzles and 'Mum find my puzzle piece please' 'Mum I can't do this puzzle the piece is missing' etc were commonly heard when Neevah pulled out a puzzle to do.
In a bid to end this puzzle madness we have introduced a new system .... each puzzle has its own mesh laundry bag not only does this keep all the puzzle pieces together you can also easily see which puzzle is stored inside

So now after the puzzle is done

she slides it back into the mesh bag

zips up the bag

and the puzzle is all safely kept together for next time

No More Lost Puzzle Pieces!
(fingers and toes crossed)

Again I can't take credit for this idea I saw it on a blog possibly a year ago now but can not find the post again to link it up! So if you know where this idea came from please let me know :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sack Races

Sack racing is such a blast from the past I remember it from primary school along with the ever popular egg and spoon race. With two young kids ours was less of a race but still a whole lot of jumping fun. So gather up the kids and a few reusable shopping bags and head out side to use up all the excess energy ....

Ready Set Go!

Liam (just turned 3) had a bit of trouble getting the hang of it

but Neevah loved it!
she jumped and jumped and jumped
until 'I need a rest Mum'

I would recommend jumping and racing on the grass if possible as in all the excitement and giggles it is easy to fall over. I must admit I did not come up with this idea myself I 'stole' it from some photos All That Craft on facebook shared early today ...... Genius Idea! my kids had so much fun and it was so simple to organise.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bakers Delight Voucher Winners

Once again a huge Thank You to Bakers Delight for supplying us with Hot cross buns for our fun Easter Snack and Vouchers to giveaway to our readers

The Winners Are....

#3 Becky
#15 Jodie
#4 Erin Posik
#9 Amanda Elmer
#6 Chrissy

Congratulations Everyone

To claim your voucher please send an email to babypiranha at gmail dot com or via Facebook by leaving a message on House of Baby Piranhas Wall.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hot Cross Bun Nests + Giveaway!

Hot Cross Buns, Chocolate and Chickens are just some of the fun aspects of Easter so why not combine them together and make this fun Easter snack

You will need
Hot Cross Buns
Flake Chocolate Bar
Small Chocolate Eggs
Fluffy Chicken

To Make
1. Break up the flake chocolate into chunky pieces
2. Cut the hot cross bun in half - we used the top half to make our nests but I am sure the bottom half will work just as well
3. Hollow out a small part in the center of the hot cross bun
4. Butter around the edge (this will help the flake 'stick' to the bun)
5. Place the pieces of flake onto the hot cross bun to form a nest
6. Place the eggs into the nest
7. Place the chicken into the nest
8. Time to eat!

A huge thank you to Bakers Delight for supplying the hot cross buns for this fun snack. We used their Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns but their Traditional ones are just as yummy and would be great for these nests.

Giveaway Now Closed

Bakers Delight has also given me 5 x $5 vouchers to giveaway to some very Lucky Australian Readers! (only 1 voucher per reader)

To Enter
Leave us comment on this post telling us How you like to eat your Hot Cross Buns! I like mine warm with lots of butter yum yum

Entries must be in before Midnight on Saturday 16th of April 2011
Winners will chosen at random ( and will be announced on Sunday 17th of April 2011.

If you are new to our blog please take the time to 'like' us on facebook House of Baby Piranha

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pipe Cleaner Sculpture

Liam doesn't like to sit and do for very long (unless it is super messy or involves water) so activities he can complete quickly but have the option of repetition seem to be a winner for him. This pipe cleaner sculpture can be completed 5 mins or you can make a sculpture pull it apart and start all over again or you could spend a little longer twisting and curling the pipe cleaners .

You will need
Pipe Cleaners
Meat Tray
Scissors or Skewer

To Make
1. Turn a meat tray upside down
2. Make small holes randomly in the meat tray - If Neevah was making this I would let her make her own holes using a bamboo skewer (with supervision of course)
3 .Push the pipe cleaners into the holes anyway you like

Pushing the pipe cleaners into the tray

Bending the pipe cleaner over so both ends are in a hole

Look Mum! I am getting good at this
pushing the pipe cleaner in using just one hand

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We Play - Large Drawings

It is great to do things a little bit different from time to time. Normally we draw on A4 sheets of paper and normally the drawings are done inside but yesterday we went outside to draw and since there is a lot more room outside we took a large roll of card to draw on.

Crawling to draw a long line
What will it be?

A very tall person with black curly hair

A large piece of paper means there is lots of room to draw a huge daddy snail

Do you what Neevah liked best about drawing outside? wearing sunglasses while drawing! apparently drawing while wearing sunglasses is super fun :)

Don't forget to stop by Childhood 101 We Play where you can find lots of other great play ideas....

We Play
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