Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Apples Up On Top

Bedtime Story ~ Ten Apples Up On Top + Shopping Day ~ one big bag of apples + Neevah = A Lot of Fun! Today was food shopping day or should I say food delivery day since we now shop online (so much easier for us) in the shopping was a large bag of green apples .... sometime after all the food was put away Neevah comes running up the hallway .....
'Mummy how many apples can I put on my head?'
Me with a somewhat puzzled look 'Why do you want to put apples on your head?'
Neevah sighs 'like the book Mum like the book!'
Click we are now on the same page
'Well lets try it and see'

One apple up on top!

Can you do two?

They balanced for a second and then

they fell
but don't stop after one go
try again and again and again

and after all the apple balancing of course we had to eat the apples

I am so pleased Neevah thought of Apples Up On Top as it was a lot of fun trying to balance the apples and just as much fun for me trying to take photos of the action

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Winners are ...... (1000 facebook fan giveaway)

A huge thank you to all our facebook fans for helping spread the word about our crayon creations and everyone who entered our giveawayLink

The Winners are ....

#4 Nyda
#35 Emma PooleCongratulations

To claim your prize please email me at babypiranha at gmail dot com or via facebook by leaving a message on House of Baby Piranhas wall

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hugs and Kisses in a Box

This super cute idea is perfect for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Get Well Soon, Birthdays or a loved one who doesn't live close. I received a box of hugs and kisses from Neevah for Mothers Day her Kindy teachers had helped all the kids make them for their mums. Neevah was so proud of her creation and I loved it so much so I just had to share it with all our readers

You will need
A small box
Paint / Stickers / Glitter etc
Coloured Paper
Black Marker Pen

To Make
1. Decorate a small box or use a small gift box to save time (Kindy used pretty pillow boxes the type that are often used to hand out wedding favours)
2. Fold a piece of coloured paper until it is small enough to fit inside the box
3. Unfold paper and ask you child to cut along the folds - of course you could have the paper pieces precut
4. Ask you child to write X and O (Hugs and Kisses) on the small pieces of paper
5. Place all the hugs and kisses inside the box
6. Give to someone special
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