Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Sight Word Hop

Neevah has recently started school (where did the time go!) and of course along with starting school comes the Readers and Sight Words. I like to mix things up for Neevah so learning is fun there is only so much pouring over books a 5 year old can take. We headed outside for this simple game to review her sight words.

You will need
List of sight words
A paved or concreted area

To Play
1. Write the sight words on the concrete with chalk
2. Invite your child out to play - there is a few different ways you can try playing this game
  • Call out the sight word for your child to hop/jump on
  • Let your child hop/jump around at random calling out the words as they land on them
  • Get your child to call out the sight words as you hop/jump around - of course with this tactic you can throw in a few 'mistake' jumps and get your child to show you the right word to jump on

But most of all make it fun! I gave bonus high fives for style ie striking a funny pose once on the right word


Grandma said...

Great idea! Love the poses, high fives, I think they are worth more than that they are priceless.

LeeanneA said...

Oh I really like this - It also gives me another idea. Hum!

Deebi27 said...

My class is not at sight words, but I could do alphabet lowercase or numbers! Inside or out too. Thanks for this fun idea!!!

Philippa said...

Yes it would work well with Numbers or Shapes or a few letters from the alphabet :)

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