Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mystery Box Bingo

Here is another fun way we have been learning Sight Words although you could use the same idea for letters, numbers or even shapes.

You will need
Coloured Paper
Black Marker Pen
Nappy Wipe Container or other mystery box

To Make
1. Draw up a grid on coloured paper and in each box write one of the sight words
2. Cut the card into small pieces that will easily fit in your bingo grid
3. On each piece of card write one sight word to match those on the bingo grid
4. Place all the card pieces into the mystery box

Time to play!

place your hand into the mystery box and pull out a word
say the word

place your word in the right place on the bingo grid

While this idea is not new (I am pretty sure we did something similar when I was at school) Neevah had a lot of fun playing bingo especially when I joined in and pulled words out of the box. Neevah also loves it if Mum needs a bit of help saying the word or finding the right place to put it :)


Deebi27 said...

Great idea and fun for all!

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