Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sight Word Board Game

Another sight word post! I hope you are not over them yet as I have a few more fun ideas up my sleeve. Neevah has moved on to her 2nd list of sight words and is enjoying pointing out all the words she knows in books and reading the readers she brings home from school. Over the weekend I made her this super simple board game to play which is a mix of old and new sight words. I included some words she knew easily, others that she does know but is still working on and some that are brand new.

You will need
A game piece - a small toy, lid, button or something similar
Coloured Paper
Black Marker if making it by hand or Publisher and a Printer if making on the computer

To Make
I quickly made up the board game in publisher (using the circle tool to make the game board and then the text tool to write the words in the circles) and printed it out on coloured paper but you could make it by hand easily. This game was very quick to make so you could easily make a new one every few weeks as your childs words change. If you would like the game multiple times or over a number of weeks I would encourage you to laminate or cover the game in clear contact as it will be more durable

To Play
1. Go around the board and read each word
2. Place your game piece(s) at the start
3. Roll your dice
4. Move the game piece the required number of spaces and say the word you land on - you could also say each word you move over
5. Repeat until you get to the finish

Neevah enjoyed playing her new board game alone with one or more game pieces but she got into it more when she was playing against someone else.


Deebi27 said...

What a great idea! I thinkI am going to make some of these up, as I will have returning kindergartners this summer. This should help keep them on their heel before returning to 1st grade in the Fall! Thanks

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