Saturday, May 12, 2012

Semi Circle Rainbow

Currently Neevah loves rainbows they adorn a lot of her drawings and I must say it is interesting to see her progression with them. They started out as pencil or mono coloured rainbow arches then she introduced more colours, some would contain multiples of the same colour and others would be whichever colours took her fancy. Her newest rainbow pictures however are more true to the real thing and she is much more interested in what colours rainbows should contain and the order they appear in. Inspiration for this craft idea was found on pinterest and can be found here.

You will need
Paper in the colours of the rainbow
Grey Paper (or another colour if you prefer)
White paper

To Make
1. With the compass make graduated circles on the rainbow coloured pieces of paper. The biggest circle should be Red and the smallest should be purple
2. Cut out the circles
3. Cut each circle in half - I did it this way to introduce Neevah to semi circle shapes but it also gave me the bonus of having an extra set of rainbow supplies for Liam to join in if he wanted
4. On white paper draw a few clouds and then cut them out - Neevah wanted tiny clouds not quite the look I was going for but it is her artwork so who am I to argue
5. On to the grey paper glue each semi circle to form a rainbow
6. Glue on the clouds
7. Let dry and then display

 With a little help with the spelling Neevah wrote on her artwork 'Neevah's rainbow' .... looks like we need to work on her r formation a little bit more.
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