Saturday, February 18, 2012

Monster Milk Drinks

At the moment I am trying to bring a bit of fun back into our everyday life. We have just been so busy lately actually slightly chaotic and the fun stuff has been dropped by the wayside. This idea is super easy and the kids loved it!

You will need
White Paper
Black Paper
Black Marker Pen
Sticky tape or Double sided tape
Drink - we used chocolate milk but you can use whatever takes your fancy

To Make
1. Cut out eyes and teeth from the white paper
2. Cut out a mouth shape from the black paper
3. Use the black marker to make pupils for the eyes and then stick them to the glass with tape - I used normal sticky tape and formed a 'loop' with it making it sticky on both sides but small pieces of double sided tape might be easier
4. Stick the teeth to mouth with glue
5. Stick the mouth to the glass with tape
6. Fill your monster glass with drink and add a straw

Time to Drink
Quick Tip: if you are using crazy straws like ours rinse them out with water as soon as they have rinsed drinking the milk - this saves the milk going yuk in the straws bends

The Sight Word Hop

Neevah has recently started school (where did the time go!) and of course along with starting school comes the Readers and Sight Words. I like to mix things up for Neevah so learning is fun there is only so much pouring over books a 5 year old can take. We headed outside for this simple game to review her sight words.

You will need
List of sight words
A paved or concreted area

To Play
1. Write the sight words on the concrete with chalk
2. Invite your child out to play - there is a few different ways you can try playing this game
  • Call out the sight word for your child to hop/jump on
  • Let your child hop/jump around at random calling out the words as they land on them
  • Get your child to call out the sight words as you hop/jump around - of course with this tactic you can throw in a few 'mistake' jumps and get your child to show you the right word to jump on

But most of all make it fun! I gave bonus high fives for style ie striking a funny pose once on the right word

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