Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wiggly Eye Drawing Starter

Liam has never been overly interested in crafts or drawing, when he was younger he would join in but only for short amounts of time unless it was messy fun. Progressively this interest waned until he produced almost no drawings, paintings or crafts. The time has come though to entice him back to drawing and work on his pencil grip before he starts school next year .....

This activity was inspired by Teach Preschool's Googly-eye easel starters

I setup the invitation to draw by gluing wiggly eyes onto an A4 piece of paper

and I am very happy to say he wanted to draw!

He started by drawing facial features and turning the wiggly eyes into monsters but he didn't stop there. He kept drawing and drawing until.....
He had a whole monster family! Mummy Monster, Daddy Monster and Baby Monster

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Newspaper Monster

Today we found a monster out the back. We think it is friendly as it did not bite however it passed me a note that said 'Please Feed Me!'

What does this monster eat?
Socks? Sticks? Kids?
Mum said 'lets try newspaper'
So we scrunched up balls of newspaper

and threw them into the monsters tummy

YAY he does like newspaper and feeding the monster is lots of fun

A few other Monster ideas you may like to try:
Monster Milk Drinks

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Colour Car park

Car park games are always a huge success in our house and best of all they are easy to setup using items most people will all ready have in the house.

Other Car park games we have played:
The Sight Word Car park
Number Recognition Car park

You will need:
Cardboard - an old cereal box or similar
Marker Pen
Coloured Paper
Toy Cars

To Make
1. Rule up car park spaces on your cardboard
2. Cut up squares of coloured paper. The pieces of coloured paper should match the colours of your toy cars
3. Glue one piece of coloured paper per car park space
4. Let dry
5. Optional - write the names of the colours on the coloured paper
6. Line up the cars and you are ready to play

For Liam it worked best if I asked him where each car went and then we named the colours together.

Other ideas you could try
- Call out the colour, your child then picks the correct coloured car and packs it in the matching car park
- Let your child pick the car and then ask what the colour is and where to park the car

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