Thursday, August 23, 2012

Word Family Houses

This fun idea is great for introducing word families to your child. There is a little bit of prep work before you can play but most items can probably be found around the house already.

You will need
Card - an old cereal box works well
Marker Pens
Sticky Tape
Toy Cars
Small White Stickers or White Paper

To Make
1. From card cut out house shapes - one for every word family you would like to use. Add windows, doors and any other decorations to the front of the houses. On the roof section write you word family ie at, ing, op etc

2. On the back of your house tape a block or something else that will help you house stand up
3. On you small stickers (or white paper) write words that belong to each word family ie cat, ring, mop etc
4. Stick the words onto the cars - one word per car

To Play
1. Line up your houses and cars
2. Invite you child over to play and explain each word belongs to a family. You may need to give your child an example
3. Ask your child to read the word on the car and drive it to the right house

This was a little bit too easy for Neevah and if I was doing it again I would use more houses and cars

Monday, August 20, 2012

L is for Leaves

This simple Letter Craft would be well suited to Autumn, you could use a variety of colourful leaves found in your area. Here however it is heading into spring and the majority trees in our area are Gums. This makes it a little harder to get interesting leaves but I don't think it matters as Liam still enjoyed making his L.

You will need:
Card - an old cereal box works well
Marker Pens
Coloured Paper - optional

To Make:
1. Head outside and collect some leaves. To make them flatter and easy to stick leave them overnight under a phone book. Not all the leaves we collected where suitable for this craft as the wilted and curled up before we even made it home.
Liam's Mini Satchel comes from Grauntie's Gingham Designs and is perfect for collecting 'treasures'

2. Cut a large L out of card

3. With marker pens (or crayons/coloured pencils if you prefer) let your child decorate the L

4. Glue on the leaves

5. Let dry
6. Optional - stick the L to a piece of coloured paper

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