Friday, February 22, 2013

Rainbow Hole Punch Art

 This idea was inspired by a post I found over at Nature Store. My kids love using the hole punches it doesn't matter if we use the office type or decorative scrap booking ones they still have lots of fun and it is a great work out for their little hands. I think these idea would work well with a (small) group of kids as you could give them a colour each to hole punch and then share the coloured dots between everyone. This is how we made them but it may need some slight tweaking for a 2 or more children ...

You will need
Coloured Paper in rainbow colours (we were missing purple)
Clear Contact
Egg Carton

To Make
1. Let your child choose a piece of coloured paper
2. Punch holes around the edges. Today we used an office type hole punch but I want to try it again with decorative ones.

3. Place the punched out dots into one section of an egg carton

4. Repeat with different colours - off course if working in a group you may have all the colours already covered
5. Take the piece of paper with holes punched around the edges and cut out the middles to create a frame. I used a pen and a ruler to do this but if you need to do lots of them you may want to make a template to trace around. NOTE - do not dispose of the pieces you cut out as you can punch more holes in them if you run out of dots
6. Cut a piece of clear contact that is slightly larger than the inside of your frame and place on the table sticky side up (if it is too curly you can try taping down the corners)
7. Carefully place your frame onto the contact

8. Place the punched out dots onto the contact paper using some of each colour. Liam went for more of a sprinkle approach

9. Display - we stuck ours to the window but you could also try hanging them like Nuture Store did

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