Saturday, March 2, 2013

Reach for the Stars - Goals

 This idea was inspired by a photo I found on Pinterest, the original artwork looked quite intricate and would probably be suited to slightly older children but I was able to easily adapt it to work for Neevah. We started this activity by discussing what she would like to learn and do as she gets older ..... Neevah decided she would like to be an Artist when she grows up so we put this as her goal.

You Will Need
Black paper or card (taller than A4)
Yellow paper
Marker pens or Paint

To Make
1. Trace around your child's arm

2. Let them colour or paint their arm

3. Cut out the arm and from the yellow paper cut out a star(s)
4. On the star write your child's goal - Neevah wrote her own
5. Glue the arm and stars onto the black paper

Our Finished Piece of Art

I really like how this turned out, it will be a great keepsake and something we can look back on in the future to see if her goal changes. I could also see this working in a classroom situation either with shared classroom goals or with what each child would like to do/be when they grow up.


Kasia said...

Another lovely idea!!

Philippa said...

Thank you Kasia, this is one of my favourites :)

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